Breeding Requirements

It is possible to breed your own greyhound puppies if you have;

  • a female greyhound that is at least 2 days old
  • a suitable match (must be another player’s sire)
  • enough game cash to afford the stud fee
  • a spare kennel to house the new puppy

How to breed your hound

Open the female greyhound profile from the kennel and click the heart icon.

This will take you to “Hounder” the online dating app for greyhounds to find a breeding match.

Flick through the profiles to find an appropriate match for breeding.  Swipe right to select a male greyhound to breed with.

Hounder breeding

Once you have selected a match and paid the stud fee, the breeding will take place.

The new puppy will arrive in 24 hours time and your hound will be on maternity leave for 24 hours.

The puppy will have a mix of traits from both the sire and dam.

How to stud your greyhound out

In order to stud your male greyhound out, you must race your hound at least 30 times in order to establish an appropriate stud fee.  The stud fee will be based on the performance of the hound over those 30 races.  A hound with good race earnings will command a higher stud fee than a poorly performing hound.

Once your hound has 30 races completed, open the hound profile and click the heart icon.  A dialogue box will confirm the stud fee you will receive if your hound is selected by another player for studding.  When you confirm this, your hound will have a profile added to “Hounder” – the online greyhound dating app.  Other players with an eligible female hound will be able to view your hound’s profile and potentially select it for breeding.

If your hound is selected for breeding by another player, you will receive a notification and the stud fee will be added to your game cash.

Your hound will be eligible to stud again in 1 hour.

You may return your hound to race it in the meantime, otherwise, it will return to being available for stud duties after 1 hour and visible in “Hounder” until you return it.