The shop stocks rotating limited stock of dog food and toys which updates several times a day.

What do food and toys do?

Food is required to keep your hound happy and healthy. Unhappy hounds will not perform as well as happier hounds on the track. Unhealthy hounds might find their racing career may be cut short with an early retirement.

Toys make your hound happy and have a limited number of uses before they ‘break’ and need to be repurchased. The more expensive the toy, the happier your hound will be.

Food available

  • Balance kibble (maintain weight, +health)
  • Lean mince (decrease weight, +health)
  • Bulk chow (increase weight, +health)
  • Dog bone (+happiness)
  • Dog bone biscuits (+health ++happiness)

Treats make hounds happier but don’t improve their health as much as dog food
Heavier hounds (>30 kg) perform better on wet tracks
Lighter hounds (<30 kg) perform better on dry tracks

Toys available

  • Dog lead (+happiness)
  • Ball (++happiness)
  • Frisbee (+++happiness)

hounds of fury shop

How do I use the items on my hounds?

Visit your kennels by tapping the hound icon in the bottom left on the main racing screen.

hound icon

This will open your kennels and you will be able to see your current hounds and any inventory items.

The items will display along the bottom of the screen. Numbers on the icons indicate how many of those items you currently have.

hounds in kennels

Tap the item to see what effect it will have on your hound.

If your hound is ready to be fed, a knife and fork icon will show on the kennel.

If your hound is ready for playtime, a ball icon will show on the kennel.

Drag the food or toy from your inventory onto your hound to give it to them.