Introducing Hounds of Fury – an exciting new greyhound racing game from the developers of popular social horse racing game “Hooves of Fire“.

hounds of fury

Hounds of Fury is available on Google Play. We have grand plans to provide an exciting and interactive greyhound racing experience on the mobile platform.  Place your virtual bets and win big with exotic bet options!  Read our “How to Play” Guide.

Our goal:  Make the best greyhound racing game ever!

Game Development Plan

Stage 1 Base Game Development

June 2017 – December 2017

  • Development of base betting/racing game for Android
  • Study form and place bets on a range of upcoming races
  • Dedicated race stream for bettors
  • Exotic betting
  • 8 entrants per race
  • Hounds each have unique traits and abilities which affect their performance
  • Traits/abilities include strength, endurance, weight, reflexes, age, happiness, fatigue and focus

Stage 2 Game Feature Development

January 2018 – 4th Quarter 2018

  • Beta testing Stage 1 features on Android
  • Bug fixes and refinements
  • Prioritising additional game features for development

Stage 3 Additional game features

January 2019 – June  2019

  • Adding extra features to enhance game play
  • Bug fixes and refinements
  • Preparing for final release on Android platform

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