Starting out…

Hounds of Fury is a massively multiplayer greyhound racing and betting game designed specifically for the mobile platform.

Starting out with $2000 to make your bets and buy your own hounds to race. Spin the Wheel of Fury to earn extra cash too!

Global races have 8 hound entrants and there is a single stream of races for all players to bet on. Analyze the hounds form and place straight or exotic bets to win big.

Save up your hard earned cash to buy your own hound to race and generate income for you. Climb the leaderboards to Hounds of Fury glory!

hounds of fury racing

Betting Definitions

hounds of fury exotic betting


Your selection/s must finish first and the payoff will be determined by the odds.


Your selection/s must finish first or second, payoff will be higher than ‘show’.


Your selection/s must finish first, second or third.


Your selections must finish first and second in correct order.

Boxed Exacta

Your selections must finish first and second in any order.


Your selections must finish first, second and third in correct order.

Boxed Trifecta

Your selections must finish first, second and third in any order.

Collect Winnings

Tap the bet slips to collect your bet winnings once a race has finished. The bet slips that are not yet ready to collect will be greyed out.
hounds of fury betting slips


Tap a winning bet slip (must be a WIN bet) twice to brag about your success in chat! You may only ‘brag’ twice per hour about recently completed races.

Wheel of Fury

Run out of cash? The Wheel of Fury allows you to earn extra cash – watch an ad and then spin to win some extra $$!
If the Wheel of Fury is not showing, it means there are no ads available to show.  Check back again in an hour or so to see if there are some ads available.
wheel of fury


Chat to other players in real time by tapping the speech bubble icon in the bottom left corner.


Select a hound from the market to race from you. Each hound is unique and will have different traits which improve or hinder its abilities on certain track types. Hounds will live for approximately 10 days before being retired.

hounds of fury market


Buy and expand your kennels to house your hounds when they are not racing.

Track types

Tracks can be wet or dry and may be shorter or longer distances.  Certain dogs will perform better on specific track conditions, race them on different types to see which tracks they perform best on.

Box position

Hounds have a ‘focus’ stat which improves their performance when racing in certain box positions.  Race your hounds in different positions to see which position they favour.


Players have rankings which limits the amount of outstanding bets or betting limits they are able to have at any one time. The bet limit increases as the player ranking increases.


The leaderboard is a list of all players ranked by current cash balance.  There is also a list of the highest earning hounds.  Tap on a hound or a username in the list to see the linked player profile.

Account Login

Hounds of Fury uses your Google Play Games login to create an account. You can switch accounts by clicking the cogwheel icon (top right) and signing out.
If you are having issues with login, make sure you have the latest version of Google Play Games installed and try reinstalling Hounds of Fury.