Starting out…

Hounds of Fury is a massively multiplayer greyhound racing and betting game designed specifically for the mobile platform.

Starting out with $2000 to make your bets and buy your own hounds to race. Spin the Wheel of Fury to earn extra cash too!

Global races have 8 greyhound entrants and there is a single stream of races for all players to bet on. Analyze the hounds form and place straight or exotic bets to win big.

Save up your hard earned cash to buy your own hound to race and generate income for you. Climb the leaderboards to Hounds of Fury glory!

hounds of fury racing

Wheel of Fury

Run out of cash? The Wheel of Fury allows you to earn extra cash – watch an ad and then spin to win some extra $$!
If the Wheel of Fury is not showing, it means there are no ads available to show.  Check back again in an hour or so to see if there are some ads available.  The amounts you can win from the wheel will increase the more often you spin the wheel.
wheel of fury


Chat to other players in real time by tapping the speech bubble icon in the bottom left corner.

Account Login

Hounds of Fury uses your Google Play Games login to create an account. You can switch accounts by clicking the cogwheel icon (top right) and signing out.

If you are having issues with login, make sure you have the latest version of Google Play Games installed and try reinstalling Hounds of Fury.

For more troubleshooting tips on account login, please see: Technical Issues