How to buy and race your Hound

First of all, visit your kennels by tapping the hound icon in the bottom left on the main racing screen.

hound icon

This will open your kennels and you will be able to see any hounds you currently own.


Tap “buy dog” on an available kennel to open up the Hound market.

Each hound is unique and will have different traits which improve or hinder its abilities on certain track types.

Different breeders produce hounds with specific traits which can only be discovered by owning and racing the hound. Some hounds may have better strength, endurance, focus, recovery trainability than others.

Select a hound from the market to purchase.

hounds of fury market

If you have an available kennel, your newly purchased hound will now be visible when you visit the kennel screen again.

Hounds will live for approximately 10 days before being retired.  Hounds that are not well looked after may retire earlier than 10 days.

Hound Profile

Tap on a hound in your kennel to display its profile.

Here you will be able to see the;

  • age of your hound
  • current weight
  • number of races including wins/places/shows
  • total prize money earned
  • performance over the last 5 races
  • current stats for health (heart) happiness (smiling face) and energy (lightning bolt)

hounds of fury profile

Heavier hounds (greater than 30 kg) will perform better on wet tracks. Lighter hounds (less than 30 kg) will perform better on dry tracks.  Weight can be modified by feeding your hound different food from the Shop.

Unhealthy hounds will lose energy quicker and will therefore be able to run less races before becoming exhausted.  Keep your hound healthy by feeding it regularly.  Treats boost health only moderately and provide more happiness. If your hound is unhealthy, it may be best to focus on feeding it food instead of treats.

Treats can be used to boost happiness, as do toys.  Different treats and toys will boost happiness to different degrees. Happy hounds will perform much better on the track.


Buy and expand your kennels to house your hounds when they are not racing.  Your first kennel is free but you must purchase additional kennels with game cash.

You may set free hounds that you no longer wish to keep by tapping on them in their kennels and selecting the “exit door” icon.

set hound free

There is a confirmation step before your hound is released, but please note, once your hound is set free, it has gone for good!


Once you have purchased a hound for your kennels, you may attempt to train it every 8 hours in either strength or endurance.  Training may or may not be successful depending on your hound’s training stats.

When your hound is ready to be trained, a barbell icon will appear on its kennel.

Strength training will improve your hound’s performance over shorter track distances.  (<350 metres)

Endurance training will improve your hound’s performance over longer distances. (>350 metres)

Hounds may be naturally better at either strength or endurance racing.

hounds of fury training