How to craft equipment

Crafting materials allow you to craft equipment for your Hound.  It costs 10 crafting materials and 1 Golden Bone to craft an item. 

Each player will start with 10 crafting materials and 25 Golden Bones, so you can craft your first item straight away.

To craft your first item,

  • Open your kennel screen
  • Tap on a hound
  • Tap on one of the 3 empty equipment slots to bring up the crafting panel and item storage
  • Tap “Craft” and select which type of item you would like to create

item slots hounds of fury

What equipment can be crafted?

There are 3 types of equipment you can craft and equip to your hound.

  1. Blanket
  2. Goggles
  3. Collar

craft item hounds of fury

Each hound can wear one of each type of item at the same time.  

Items can be swapped over after 1 hour. 

Crafting materials

 There are 2 ways you can obtain crafting materials for your hound.

  1. Winning races gives you the chance to win crafting materials
  2. Recycling equipment will give you crafting materials

win materials hounds of fury

Recycling equipment

When recycling equipment, the following number of crafting materials will be generated

  • Common items – 1 crafting material
  • Uncommon items – 2 crafting materials
  • Rare items – 3 crafting materials
  • Epic – 4 crafting materials
  • Legendary – 5 crafting materials

You can recycle equipment by dragging items from storage to the recycle bin inside the crafting panel.

PLEASE NOTE:  We cannot restore items once they have been recycled!

recycle warning hounds of fury

Item levels

Items may be created with one or more enhanced stats, depending on their rarity.  

Items are grouped into 5 levels and color coded according to both their level and the primary enhanced stat.

Common items typically have one enhanced stat, whereas Legendary items may have up to 5 enhanced stats.

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

craft epic item hounds

Item stats

Items will be color coded according to their primary enhanced stat. 

Generally, higher item levels will have improved stats over lower level items.

Color codes for stats

  • Strength = red
  • Endurance = orange
  • Focus = light green
  • Reflexes = aqua
  • Recovery = blue
  • Training = purple
  • Life = white
  • Prize money = dark green
  • Feeding = pink/red
  • Happiness = yellow

Note: Item colors will not override the colors originally set for blankets/collars on the hound.  They will also not override colors set by renaming/recolouring your hound.

Viewing bonus stats

If you have the Performance Analyzer, you will be able to see the bonuses granted for the following stats on your Hound’s profile page.

  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Focus
  • Reflexes
  • Recovery
  • Training

Life bonus is not visible but adds minutes of life to your hound for each race (PVP and non-PVP races).  For example  a +8 life bonus adds 8 minutes of life to your hound for every race they are entered in.

Prize money bonus will show in the race results page and only applies to non-PVP racing.

Feeding bonus will display when you feed your hound.

Happiness bonus will display on your Hound profile and in the kennel.

Item requirements

Items of rare/epic or legendary quality will have requirements that your hound must meet in order to equip them.

The requirements are;

  • Male/female
  • Light weight/Mid weight/Heavy weight

Weight ranges

Light weight = 25 – 27 kg hounds

Mid weight  = 28 – 32 kg hounds

Heavy weight = 33 – 35 kg hounds

Feeding your hound different food from the Shop may increase or decrease their weight so that they can equip a particular weight rated item.

Item storage

In order to craft items, you must have sufficient storage space available.  You can expand your equipment storage up to 50 slots.  The first 15 equipment slots can be bought with game cash or Golden Bones.  Storage from slot 15-50 can be purchased with Golden Bones.

expand storage

How to expand storage

Tap on the + icon in the crafting/storage panel to expand your storage space.

Recycling items will free up storage space, if needed.

What happens if the hound dies / is set free with equipment on?

If your hound dies or is set free with equipment on, the items will be automatically returned to your storage.