What are Golden Bones?

Golden Bones are the premium currency in Hounds of Fury.  You will start off with 25 Golden Bones in your account.

You can view the balance of Golden Bones in your account in the bottom right of the screen, next to your cash balance.

How to earn Golden Bones?

They can be earned by spinning the Wheel of Fortune in game or by purchasing in game (via the Shop).

What are Golden Bones used for?

You can swap Golden Bones for game cash, but there are a variety of other uses for Golden Bones!

Golden Bones can be used for;

Renaming/recolouring your hound

Rename hound

Purchasing Furious Treats from the shop (fatigue reducing so you can keep racing your hound!)

Access to the Performance Analyzer for advanced hound statistics

Crafting equipment to give your hound stat bonuses

craft item hounds of fury







Expanding equipment storage

expand storage